Knitting Tips for the Self-Fringing Bamboo Shawl

Self Fringing Bamboo Shawl

The Self-Fringing Bamboo Shawl lets your imagination go wild with color – just pick three of your favorite Be Sweet Bamboo colors and you’re off to the races. Chiaki Hayashi’s design is fun to knit in garter stitch that’s spiced up with striped sections, and you don’t have to fuss over finishing – the fringe forms before your eyes! Today we are sharing a few tips to get the Self-Fringing Bamboo Shawl on and off your needles in no time!

Be Sweet Bamboo yarn

Choosing multiple colors for your shawl

Projects that call for multiple colors of yarn can be intimidating, especially when you have so many colors to choose from – Be Sweet Bamboo is available in 49 different colorways! This project calls for three colors, which makes for over 18424 combinations (We did the math)! But don’t let that impressive number overwhelm you, it’s easy to choose the perfect colors for this project. Consider the following when making your choice:

  • Choose colors you love! It seems obvious, but you can’t go wrong by picking your favorite color as your first choice, and building your other color choices around it.
  • Choose colors you will wear. Take a quick peek at your wardrobe, and think about what colors will coordinate with the most items in your closet. Also consider which colors will look best with your complexion; we all have colors we love which simply don’t work when worn too close to the face.
  • Find inspiration in the world around you.Team colors or the changing leaves in fall are always a good standby.
  • Try using three colors that touch each other on a color wheel. This post clearly explains the color wheel and color theory, check it out!
  • Browse projects in the yarn on Ravelry! Sometimes the best inspiration comes from seeing what combinations others have chosen. It may even inspire some choices you wouldn’t have otherwise considered!

Shown above are just a handful of ideas for stripes or a gradient in Be Sweet Bamboo.

(Top to bottom, left to right)

  • Crimson, Storm, Sand
  • Spark, Grey, Dark Denim
  • Turquoise, Indigo, Silver
  • Sea Green, Emerald Green, Turquoise

Garter Stitch Knitting Tips

Be Sweet Bamboo garter stitch stripes

The Self-Fringing Bamboo Shawl is knit in garter stitch, so every row is knitted. The pattern instructs you to alternate your colors on certain rows, to increase in the first half of the shawl, and to decrease in the second half of the shawl. Until you get several rows in, you may have trouble reading your knitting, as garter stitches are not easy to check whether you are working the right side or wrong side of your fabric. We recommend keeping a few stitch markers handy! You can use stitch markers to speed up your knitting:

  • Use a marker to mark the right side of your work.
  • Use a marker to designate the spot where you will be increasing or decreasing.

Finishing with Fringe

When your knitting is complete, it is time to reveal the fringe. Working carefully, you will unravel 5 stitches on the beginning of the wrong side edge of your shawl. Don’t be frightened: the way in which the increasing and decreasing stitches were created makes a lock in the garter stitch fabric, so only those 5 stitches can be nudged undone (we promise!).

We like using a tapestry needle to assist in this part, as you can see in the above photos. Don’t try to pull on the first stitch to begin the unravelling (above left) – you’ll find the yarn tightens and doesn’t come undone. Instead, try unravelling the stitches starting with a stitch in the middle (above right). You can see a quick clip of this in action on the Be Sweet Instagram channel.

Fringe Before and After

When first unravelled, the fringe will look very curly (above left). Blocking, either in the wet blocking or steam pressing method, will relax the bamboo yarn to create beautifully-draped stitches (above right).

Now you know, don’t fear the fringe! Share your color combinations and fabulous fringes with us on Facebook, Ravelry, and Instagram!

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Knitting the Self Fringing Bamboo Shawl


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