About Vinni’s Colours

Be Sweet is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Vinni’s Colours, a yarn company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Vinni’s specializes in hand-dyed cotton and bamboo yarns.

In 2004, Vinni Nielsen, a nurse and a native of Denmark and an avid knitter since childhood, started her business in South Africa. She soon realized that the South African yarn market was in dire need of a good range of colored cotton yarn. She began to experiment with dyes in her kitchen and Vinni’s Colours was born. Very quickly she needed to hire staff to skein and ball the yarns that were draped over her furniture and hanging up in the windows to dry. The business moved from the kitchen to the garden shed, where the yarn was dyed in baths. After 6 years she was finally able to move her rapidly expanding concern into its current premises, which is two factory buildings in Cape Town.

It is the wide range of colors, from soft pastels to deep, vibrant colors that make Vinni’s product perfect for the needs of the most artistic crafter. Vinni’s yarn is available in all the major yarn shops in South Africa and is loved by a growing number of clothing and interior designers. Many of these are entrepreneurs who are, in turn, employing many people who would otherwise have no work.

We look forward to introducing Vinni’s Colours to yarn shops throughout the US. We know you’ll love the sheen, feel, and colorways as much as we do.

About Vinni’s Colours October 6, 2017